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Montagna Parquet Srl

The first water-painted wooden floor resistant even
in the bathroom and kitchen.

Absolute novelty!

Montagna Parquet is the first Italian company to present the IDROparquet, the wooden floor painted with very high resistance water, suitable to be installed in the bathroom and in the kitchen and with a totally natural effect and very easy cleaning.
In collaboration with , a leading Italian company in the production of high-performance parquet products, it was possible to create a special Self-Linking water paint, a system that activates the hardening of the paint at the time of evaporation of water, thus avoiding the use of a catalyst and consequently avoiding isocynate substances contained in it.
Thanks to the perfect balance of hardness and elasticity, the special paint used to make the IDROparquet guarantees excellent mechanical performance, with high resistance to abrasion, scratches, mackerel and household chemicals.
Absolute novelty!

Free of NEP and NMP and very low content of VOC, it is also "Safe For Kids", in accordance with the EN rule on the migration of dangerous substances from wood, which makes it suitable for use on it even with children's toys.
Unlike other parquet manufacturers who use a drying acrylic paint that dries under the passage of special Ultra Violet (UV) lamps in a matter of seconds, at the expense of the visual and tactile effect, our IDROparquet paint-treated wooden floors are left in the air for 24 hours, thus favoring the most complete and natural drying, enhancing the floor in wood.
From the tests carried out, we found that it would take just 2 hands of paint to give the parquet a high protection and resistance to time and wear (it is not by chance that it is possible to make the IDROparquet also on the solid wood floors directly on the spot), we instead apply 5 in the whole processing process. This will mean that all of our pre-finished wooden floors that enjoy the IDROparquet treatment, will have a resistance to trampling and surface moisture with an average duration of 25/30 years before re-grinding, compared to 10/15 of a normal acrylic paint.


Applicable to every essence of noble wood, however, it is on the Slavonia Oak that the IDROparquet gives the best of itself.
The varied veins and the eventful texture of this wood, part of the Oak family, enhance the natural features of this parquet, giving the house a unique and inimitable charm. The IDROparquet wooden floors come in 4 variations of shine: extra matte, opaque, semi-light and polished.

11 colours available, including ship, Italian and Hungarian plug formats, with individual widths ranging from a minimum of 90 mm to a maximum of 220 mm.

3 different thicknesses of noble wood: 3 mm, 4.2 mm, 6 mm. For a total of 10 mm to 16 mm total.

The entire painting process is handmade in our laboratories based exclusively in Italy.

Our wooden floors and paints have the necessary certifications, in total compliance with the current UNI EN regulations.