The maintenance of woodfloor

Maintenance Advice

Basic care
In the first week dry clean only and not putting carpets. Furniture and other objectsof furniture should be placed gently. After 7-10 days use a Neutral Detergent (eg. Parquetpro) solvent by applying it with a cloth wrung out.

For cleaning we recommend using larger granules or dirty broom. Cleaning with neutral detergents must be carried out only if the floor is really dirty. Otherwhise just water and a cloth wrung are sufficient. Never use cleaning agents that contain solvents (such as those for bricks and ceramics).
To restore tone and luster to the floor, dealing with polishes for wood. Our Brill in this case is ideal, always dry after cleaning.

Climate in rooms
Wood is a natural material and will be affected by climate change. Therefore the preservation of floors, as well of the man, depends on a healthy and balanced climate.
For a correct maintenance, the environment temperature should be between 15°C and 25°C with humidity between 45% and 60%.
This is obtained, if it is impossible, a humidifier (too dry) or a dehumidifier (too wet).
In these values of humidity and temperature are not met, you may create gaps in the floors.
These briefing notes for the guidance, the guidance must be tested from time to time depending on environmental conditions.
Maintenance Advice
How to enjoy your wood floors

How to enjoy your wood floors

To fully enjoy your wooden floor ou should follow some simple rules of conduct. Being wood a natural fiber, is subject to tensions and stresses due to external factors:
  • In hardwood floors is not recommended to walk with shoes that are too dirty to rocks or sand, because this rub might leave deep tracks, which would remain visible until the smoothing of and painting.
  • The wood floor must never be cleaned with detergents containing waxes or solvents or chemicals that can alter the brightness or color. You should always use solvent-free products and substances harmful for wood.
  • In the floors painted care must be taken no to rub too dry the surface, since it would create enough heat to produce the effect of photo-ionization that would alter the sheen of the floor (matt and glossy patches or more halos).