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Montagna Parquet Srl

Warm, alive and soft to the touch. Oiled is the quintessence of wooden floors.

Rediscovering wood

Unlike the paint that acts by contact creating a transparent film on the entire surface of the parquet, the oil penetrates deep and impregnates the wood, preserving its natural appearance.
Its wax content effectively protects the floor, giving it softness to sight and touch. The oil, on the other hand, by penetrating the fibers, nourishes the wood which is free to "breathe" while still ensuring a high resistance to dirt, stains and water.
Produced in Italy by , it is Eco-Friendly because it is composed of oils, natural resins and hard waxes of plant origin.
Solvent-free is also Safe For Kids, which is therefore in accordance with the EN standard for the migration of hazardous substances from wood.
Rediscovering wood


Applied on the Slavonia Oak gives the wooden floor a warm and full-bodied appearance as inside the brushing you go to deposit a greater amount of oil enhancing the grain and thus giving life to a harmonious contrast of colors that only the uniqueness Oak wood can give.

A OLIATO floor, having the right shrewdness, has a perspective of eternal life. In fact, if you come to create scratches, simply touch up with a little oil the damaged area and with a clean cotton cloth remove the excess. The scratch will disappear and you can continue to enjoy your wooden floor OLIATO as if nothing had happened.
The maintenance of an OLIATO floor is very simple, does not require extraordinary work and is on par with a painted floor.

It will be enough to wash the parquet floor as usual with one of our specific products (e.g. Pulitoparquet) for cleaning compatible 100% with the applied oil and if necessary use a wax-based product that will continue over time to keep the wood fed as freshly mounted.

10 are the colors available and there are several formats on which the OLIATO is achievable: from the classic "ship tella", passing through those with Italian and Hungarian plug, with widths of the individual elements between a minimum of 90 mm and a maximum of 220 mm.

3 different thicknesses of noble wood: 3mm, 4.2 mm, 6 mm. For a total of 10 mm to 16 mm total.
The whole oiling process is handmade in our laboratories based exclusively in Italy.
Our wooden floors and oils have the necessary certifications, in full compliance with the current UNI EN regulations.