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Montagna Parquet Srl

Montagna Parquet: since 1954 to make your home unique.

Sixty years at your service

Montagna Parquet S.r.l. was born from a lifetime of experience in the world of wood and specifically in the parquet wood floor of Vittorio Montagna.
Vittorio's adventure begins in the postwar years with training and first professional experience with his uncle, notet roman worker. The turning point came in the late 60's and early '70 when, throught his studies of industrial technical training is required to build and set up a factory in calabria for the production of olive parquet and other homegrown essences. Vittorio directs the producion of its first manufacturing facilitiy. An experience that will form and will accompany him throughout his life.
After the Calabrian work, with other shareolders, opens a factory in Aprilia (near Rome) with 55 workers where, besides the production of parquet in its finest essences, also starts the production of baseboards and wooden profiles.
After 6 years of producing, the exotic period begins: Turning to the construction of factories abroad. In Africa, West Africa, first in Ghana Takoradi factory by 700 employees, then Cumasi with a visit to the forests of Congo for selecting the best trees to be cut, then in Cote d'Ivoire and Cameroon . A florid period has begun and Vittorio is destined to follow many other productions.
After the African period is the time of South America with experience in Brazil in Manaus and in Uruguay in Montevideo.
In the late 80's he moved to Asia to treat construction and manufacture of factories of Teak in Burma to Rangoon (now Yangon) then in Jakarta in Indonesia. From herehindreds of containers a year departed for Italy  and Europe to distribute the best Asina Teak.
Back in Italy in '92 Vittorio organises for moving into'93 in Poland for one of his last productive experiences working on one of the best European woods: the Oak.
On his return to Italy in '96 marks the birth of import company and brokerage in the world of wood and parquet. In recent years begins to form hi nephews and directing them to the techniques in the industry of wooden floor.
Montagna Parquet S.r.l.™, the latest of his creations, was founded in 2005 to provide the right bridge with industry professionals, skilled technicians and consumers providing unique added value in the field thanks to the quality, experience and professionalism that still pervades every day of our work.
Sixty years at your service
Exceptional made in Italy

Exceptional made in Italy

Montagna Parquet transmits to its customers all passion and love for the world of wood throught high preparation and professionalism by selecting the best timbers and the best products while remaining competitive with the best quality-price ratios. The goal is to give the best service to all customers, from the operators in the sector to the consumerby ensuring high marings and price from best competitor.
The attention to new techniques and new products pervades all the work and the philosophy of the company thus guaranteeing innovation, comprehensive product preparation and a rose. The approach in the market by the selection of the logs to the final consumer and for the attention the installation using the best skilled workers in the industry means that Montagna Parquet S.r.l.™ is able to provide a complete package from material selection, installation and after sales service and maintenance.

Experience and innovation

Montagna Parquet thanks to the experience of its founder Vittorio Montagna and the generational change is able to offer top-of-the range products at very competitive price. In addiction, the company is specialized in finishes of large planks and is able to provide costumers with the most innovative techniques and technological custom products currently on the market.

Experience and innovation